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OGI in the New York Times

The Oregon Glaciers Institute popped up in a New York Times story about Oregon and Washington's disappearing snow. The story is available at this link while the quoted section is below: "Those volcanoes are the water towers for the region," said Anders E. Carlson, the president of the Oregon Glaciers Institute, a research group. "The wine you drink from river valleys that are fed by glacial meltwater, the salmon in your rivers - those are all intimately linked to a system that has been in equilibrium," he added. "But now we have perturbed that system."

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and look forward to sharing with you soon an update on Oregon's glaciers as the summer has now ended with the first snow of the winter. Also, there is an exciting new study being developed by OGI that will extend Oregon's glacier-climate history into the past, which will be announced soon.

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