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Mt. Jefferson


Mt. Jefferson hosted six glaciers of which four are consistently named on  U.S.G.S. maps (see map at left). Going clockwise around the peak from the south aspect, these are:

The extent of glaciers on Mt. Jefferson is based on photographs from the 1950s. Lower at left is a satellite image from September 2021 showing the current extent of ice. 


Of Mt. Jefferson's glaciers, two have fully vanished: Timberline and Milk Creek. Milk Creek was on the west side of the volcano (see snow patch on topographic map); Timberline was located south of Waldo Glacier reaching near the tree line.


Waldo Glacier is becoming quite small and nearing stagnation.

Whitewater Glacier is still quite large but is breaking up into several smaller glaciers, meaning its name as one glacier may need to be changed in the near future. 

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