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Timberline glacier

Timberline was a glacier near the tree line on the south side of Mt. Jefferson. While not named on post World War II maps, an ice body is denoted on U.S.G.S. maps with an end moraine at its terminus. This region is now ice and snow free, meaning the glacier has disappeared sometime since 1949 when the last photographs were taken to make maps of Mt. Jefferson glaciers.


Latitude: 44.652

Longitude: =121.796

Aspect: 97.2

Head (m asl) 1950s: 2330

Terminus (m asl) 1950s: 2060

Area (km^2) 1950s: 0.133

Head (m asl) 2020s: -

Terminus (m asl) 2020s: -

Area (acres, km^2) 2020s: 0

Status: gone, disappearing sometime in the last 70 years

Last observation: 2021

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