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Mt. Hood


Mt. Hood is the northernmost glaciated peak in Oregon, with 12 named glaciers on U.S.G.S. maps (see map at left). Going clockwise around the peak from the south aspect, these are:

The extent of glaciers on Mt. Hood is based on photographs from the 1950s. Lower at left is a satellite image from September 2021 showing the current extent of ice. 


Of Mt. Hood's glaciers, two have ceased to flow and are no longer glaciers: Palmer and Glisan.


Likewise, Ladd Glacier, as mapped by the U.S.G.S. is gone, but their mapping excluded the upper regions of the glacier, which remain. Thus, officially Ladd Glacier is gone, but unofficially Ladd glacier remains (the noun "glacier" is thus not capitalized in this case).

Zigzag no long appears to have an accumulation zone and will likely stagnate and cease to be a glacier in the near future.

Lastly, Newton-Clark no longer flows into the Clark Creek drainage, meaning a more proper name now would be Newton glacier.

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