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Ladd Glacier

Ladd Glacier was a large glacier located on the north side of Mt. Hood. The U.S.G.S. only mapped the lower half of Ladd as a glacier, excluding about half the upper reaches of the ice mass. The U.S.G.S.-defined Ladd is gone but the upper reaches that were physically part of the glacier still remain and are flowing as an active glacier. That said, the upper-most part of Ladd has separated from the main portion of the remaining glacier, reducing the glacier's size in its upper reaches. 


Latitude: 45.392

Longitude: -121.706

Aspect: 343.9

Head (m asl) 1950s: 2850

Terminus (m asl) 1950s: 2010

Area (km^2) 1950s: 0.892

Head (m asl) 2020s: 2660

Terminus (m asl) 2020s: 2340

Area (km^2) 2020s: 0.235

Status: active

Last observation: 2021

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