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Broken Top


Broken Top had four glaciers, two of which were named. Going clockwise around the peak from the south aspect, these are:

The extent of glaciers on South Sister is based on photographs from the 1950s. Lower at left is a satellite image from September 2021 showing the current extent of ice. 


Both East and West Bend glaciers are gone. East Bend was located above the unofficial No-Name lake, with the glacier's moraine damming up the lake. West Bend was due west of Bend Glacier with the same aspect. 


Bend Glacier now lacks an accumulation zone in many years and will likely stagnate and disappear soon.

Crook Glacier is the southernmost glacier in Oregon at present (see Mt. Thielsen). It is fed by avalanches in addition to direct snowfall and so has greater accumulation than other glaciers. It is also walled in on three sides and is thus shaded more than other glaciers in the region.

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