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Renfrew Glacier

Renfrew was a large glacier on the west side of Middle Sister. In recent decades, the glacier thinned and separated into multiple smaller glaciers. One of these was still showing evidence of flow in 2020 and has now stagnated as of 2021, meaning Renfrew is no longer a glacier.


Latitude: 44.155

Longitude: -121.792

Aspect: 293.9

Head (m asl) 1950s: 2760

Terminus (m asl) 1950s: 2390

Area (km^2) 1950s: 0.443

Head (m asl) 2020s: -

Terminus (m asl) 2020s: -

Area (km^2) 2020s: 0

Status: stagnant

Last observation: 2021

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