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Chief Volunteer Staff

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Anders E. Carlson, Ph.D. (website)

-Anders is the Founder and President of OGI with a Ph.D. in glacial geology. He has studied climate change and the cryosphere for >20 years from Antarctica to Svalbard and most places in between.

Nicolas Bakken-French (website)

-Nick leads the field observations of OGI as well as taking film, repeat photographs. He holds a Bachelors in Environmental Science with a minor in glaciology and has conducted research on Alaskan and Icelandic glaciers in addition to those in the Pacific Northwest. He guides climbing and glacier travel in Alaska and Iceland, and also works for the Mt. Brighton ski patrol.

Megan Thayne

-Megan is an environmental and G.I.S. scientist with the Army Corp of Engineers. Megan leads OGI's digital mapping of glacier change and relating this change to concurrent climate change as well as spearheading the education program. 


Daisy Boyes-Hunter 

-Daisy focused on mapping the historic change of Eliot glacier, Mt Hood for her Μaster’s research project and continues to use satellite imagery and G.I.S. to record glacier change. She is a keen skier and an aspiring mountaineer.

Ethan Shaw

-Ethan is an independent researcher/naturalist and freelance outdoors/science writer based in Northeast Oregon. He holds a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology/Natural Resources and a capstone certificate in G.I.S. He monitors seasonal/perennial snowfields in the Wallowa Mountains as well as the alpine ranges of the Blues as part of the Wallowa-Blue Mountain Snowfield Project.

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