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Chambers glacier

Chambers glacier was a glacier just to the north of Chambers Lakes on the south side of Middle Sister. The U.S.G.S. placed an ice body on the map and some stagnant ice can still be observed in 2020 that the summer of 2021 melted away. The glacier deposited a large moraine above the lakes.


Latitude: 44.125

Longitude: -121.783

Aspect: 100.0

Head (m asl) 1950s: 2400

Terminus (m asl) 1950s: 2280

Area (km^2) 1950s: 0.069

Head (m asl) 2020s: -

Terminus (m asl) 2020s: -

Area (km^2) 2020s: 0

Status: gone

Last observation: 2021

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