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The Wallowa Mountains of northeast Oregon had one recognized glacier on U.S.G.S. maps but evidence for at least another nine glaciers is found in the mountains. The information on Benson Glacier is available here:

Benson Glacier is now gone with only a smearing of ice left on the mountain side. OGI is currently working on determining the timing of when glaciers resided on the following peaks. It is very likely that these informally named glaciers existed up to at least the 1970s but evidence is more ambiguous than in the Cascades:

  • North Benson (45.166N, 117.310W)

  • South Benson (45.151N, 117.287W)

  • Hurricane (45.221N, 117.330W)

  • Sacajawea (45.247N, 117.298W)

  • Matterhorn (45.232N, 117.295W)

  • Hawkins (45.142N, 117.282W)

  • Brown (45.181N, 117.370W)

  • Legore (45.309N, 117.348W)

  • Lostline (45.190N, 117.390W)

At left is the U.S.G.S. topographic map with the former glaciers noted by red dots. Lower is the same region but a September 2021 satellite image.

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