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Thankful for Glaciers Thursday

We greatly appreciate your support of OGI in 2022! With this support:

-We continued our glacier monitoring

-Published our first peer-reviewed paper focused on how dark particles like those in fire smoke can make glaciers melt faster

-Confirmed that central Oregon is likely already too warm for glaciers to persist, necessitating rapid emission reductions and climate cooling, communicating these findings rapidly to the public and policy makers through journalists

-Began assessing how much ice retreat on Mt. Hood is already committed in today's current climate without emission reductions

-Continued to conduct educational out reach with public talks and communication with journalists for stories

In short, it's been a busy year! And next year is going to get even busier and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! PLEASE DONATE TODAY AT THE BUTTON ON OUR HOME PAGE HERE:

Your support will continue our monitoring work and affialated outreach and education. AND YOUR SUPPRT WILL AID in kicking off our new study: constructing the history of Oregon Cascade glaciers from the last ice age to present. We are teaming up with geochronologists at Imperial College London to use new dating techniques of glacier deposits. We will then be able to construct a chronology for ice retreat from >20,000 years ago up to present, providing a continuous history of glacier and climate change to place current retreat in perspective. The results will also allow us to investigate the impact of abrupt climate warming, like occurred during the last deglaciation, on Oregon glaciers, a paleo analogue to our current situation. DONATE TODAY!

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