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Clark Glacier Is Gone.

Clark Glacier is gone. It was located on the south face of South Sister in the high Cascades of Oregon. OGI conducted a survey of the glacier in August, 2020 and only a few patches of ice remain. See the attached comparison picture to the left. 

As such, we are having a gathering to mourn to loss of this glacier. We will gather on Sunday, October 18, 2020 at 1 p.m. 

We will meet at the Oregon Capitol steps in Salem while a small contingency of OGI members will be at the former location of Clark Glacier on South Sister. We urge the vast majority of participant to head to the State Capitol so as to comply with Three Sisters Wilderness area regulations. 

An information flyer is available HERE

For the Oregon State Capitol steps, please meet us on the north side of the Capitol building along Court Street. Please wear black, face masks and social distance. We will be at the capitol for an hour at most, with a small ceremony to commemorate this centuries-old glacier and its passing. We are registered with the State for a 12-2 p.m. gathering on the Capitol steps. Please maintain a respectful attitude. If possible, please wear black. Wear a face mask and maintain social distance. A map to the gathering is available HERE.

For South Sister, a few OGI members will meet at 44.094 N, 121.775 W; 0.2 miles due west of the South Sister climbers trail once it leaves the Lewis Glacier moraine at 9,200'.

Please note that only a few people will be gathered at the former glacier location on South Sister. If you do head up to the former glacier, please keep group size to 12 people or less, obtain a permit, and follow all wilderness area regulations.