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Diamond glacier

Diamond Peak has never been shown with snow or ice bodies on U.S.G.S. maps. In the late 1930s, Diamond glacier was identified on the northwest side of the peak and another four glaciers may have existed around this time. An air photo from 1949 shows that Diamond glacier and maybe some of the other four glaciers still existed. A photo supplied to OGI shows Diamond glacier still on the landscape in 1971. The glacier is now gone.


Latitude: 43.522

Longitude: -122.152

Aspect: 345.0

Head (m asl) 1950s: 2610

Terminus (m asl) 1950s: 2350

Area (km^2) 1950s: 0.142

Head (m asl) 2020s: -

Terminus (m asl) 2020s: -

Area (km^2) 2020s: 0

Status: gone

Last observation: 2021

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