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The Board

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Elizabeth Cecilia Belin - Chair

-Elizabeth is the former board chairman for Patriot's Gateway Youth Center and brings decades of non-traditional Earth science educational experience to OGI. 

Dylan Rood - Secretary

-Dylan is a Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London where he documents landscape change from England to Greenland to Antarctica through the application of cosmogenic isotopes.

Faron Anslow - Board Member

-Faron brings decades of experience in research glaciers and snow in the Pacific Northwest.

Hal Wershow - Board Member

-Hal is a Geology Professor at Central Oregon Community College where he focuses on a sustainability-oriented geology curriculum and involving students in climate-related issues, particularly including Central Oregon glaciers.

Megan Barrow Thayne - Board Member

-Megan is an Earth and natural resource scientist in Portland who specializes in geospatial analysis and its application to climate change issues.

Anders E. Carlson - Board Member

-Anders is the President and Founder of OGI.

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